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Entry for May 16, 2009 May 16, 2009

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I’ve been on a mission for years. A mission to rid our yard of lawn. I’ve won some minor battles, but my husband and kids are quite adamant about preserving the bulk of our turf. Unfortunately they want to play football, baseball, soccer, etc… in our yard on a soft surface. So, what’s a GreenGirl to do? Research. There are a lot of alternative lawns out there, but most of them will not put up with being trampled on all the time. For people that don’t need tuff turf, here are some great ideas to create a beautiful yard.
1)Various ground covers : Alyssum, verbena, vinca, bishops weed and the list goes on.
2)Clover: Dutch White is ideal in most settings.
3)Ornamental grasses: Zebra grass, perennial fountain grass, blue fescue
4)Moss: There are many varieties. I love the moss growing in my yard. I have extensive shade and moss is beautiful and feels great to walk on. Here is a resouce for moss

For those that need a traditional looking and tough performing lawn there is an alternative that should fit the bill. Buffalo grass. There is a buffalo grass that was developed at the University of Nebraska. It has deep roots, drought tolerant once established and can be mowed like regular turf. There are varieties that can grow anywhere in the U.S. Nature Hills carries a nice selection Good luck with ridding your lawn of lawn. You can greatly reduce your water bill, pesticide use and herbicide use. In the end you’ll create a better ecosystem for your family and local fauna to enjoy.

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