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Entry for May 14, 2009 May 14, 2009

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It’s getting to be that pool time of year. My six year old reminds me of that almost daily. We all know about traditional chlorinated pools. The smell on our skin and hair and the damage it causes to both. Not to mention the serious toxicity of chlorine. What if there was a better way? I’ve been in spas and pools with ozone cleaners and mineral treatments. I’ve been impressed with both, but I did read that salt water can allow chlorine to develop in the water. I also hear iodine is a great pool cleaner, but expensive.

There is a new trend starting in the U.S. that began in Europe years ago. It’s called natural swimming pools. Generally speaking these pools are cleaned using a natural process with water flow and biological filters of plants and substrate. Whole Water Systems and Total Habitat are two U.S. based natural pool builders. There is also a long, but very informative article on natural pools. If you’re serious about building or converting your traditional pool to a natural one you should read it…

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