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Entry for May 06, 2009 May 6, 2009

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I love the smell of those first spring showers. You can close you eyes and smell the verdant green hills and see the new growth sprouting everywhere. The rains are such a gift and yet we allow so much of it to be wasted. There are a few ways to take advantage of the rain we receive. The simplest method of capturing rain is with rain barrels. Here is a site that carries many different types of rain barrels Things I look for in a rain barrel are screens on top, brass spigots placed low, good colors that blend in and the icing on the cake is recycled content. There are many others sites that carry rain barrels as well. Just do a search.

The second way to take advantage of rain water is using above or underground cisterns. Yes, that is a blast from the past. Cisterns use to be very common, but in our “modern age” we got away from a simple and brilliant idea. Here is one source I found for modern cisterns Doing an underground cistern is not cheap compared to a rain barrel or two, but you do get long term benefits. Here is a site for more info about them

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