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Entry for April 26, 2009 April 26, 2009

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According to some statics Americans use more than 90 BILLION plastic bags a year. That’s a whole lot of plastic bags. It’s a shocking number. What’s even worse is that only 1% of those bags are recycled. We use to be part of that problem. In the last few years we’ve started using reusable bags. I still get an occasional paper bag that I use for our recyclables. If I happen to run out of my reusable bags and I have to take a plastic bag I make sure to save it and recycle it. Most grocery stores take them back to recycle them. More and more stores are selling their own reusable bags and some of them are made of recycled material. My favorite reusable bags are made of recycled PET, hold 25 lbs., are washable, fold into their own little pouch and come in different colors. You can find them here at . They are made by Acme bags.

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