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Entry for April 23, 2009 April 23, 2009

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Nuclear is not the answer my friends. Did you know that all the nuclear waste from power plants is still being stored on site in “temporary” storage facilities? The long term proposed storage site in Yucca Mountain, Nevada looks like it won’t be finished. What does that mean to you. Well, if you live in Wisconsin it might mean you’ll be living near a long term nuclear waste storage facility. That’s right. There is an area in Northern Wisconsin called the Wolf River Batholith. Basically it’s a really big hunk of granite the scientist believe would be a great place to store radioactive waste.

So, what do we do? Well, conserve for one thing. You know, use efficient appliances, use CFLs or LED lighting, turn down your heat, turn up your A/C, turn off lights that you don’t need on, insulate like crazy and use smart power strips or unplug electronics. Wisconsin imports 85% of it’s energy needs. How do we solve that without building a coal or nuclear power plant? Methane digesters. What do we have a whole lot of in Wisconsin? Cows. Cows=Methane. The Five Star Dairy in Elk Mound runs the entire 1000 cow dairy on methane and has enough left over power to supply all of Elk Mound.

Think about all that. Write your state and federal representative and tell them to invest in the future. Building methane digesters across the state will power Wisconsin, clean up our waterways and keep a nasty green house gas out of our atmosphere.

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