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Entry for April 17, 2009 April 17, 2009

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On March 31st I wrote about the Kindle 2 (a digital reading device). At the time I wrote Amazon asking about possible toxins in the Kindle 2 and wondered if they had an MSDS (material safety data sheet). Pretty much every product out there has a MSDS. The MSDS gives info about what chemicals are it that item. I did finally hear back from Amazon. I wasn’t given a whole lot of info. The response was “applicable environmental requirements” had been met. The Kindle 2 is manufactured in China by Foxconn Technology Group. This is the same company that makes Apple products.

So, here’s my analysis. If you read a lot, and I mean every day and lots of books, and you usually buy new books I think this may be a great product for you. For the average person that reads a few books a year, borrows books or buys used ones you’re better off not spending the money. We all have enough electronic device that will be obsolete in a few years or months. These electronics wind up getting tossed and few get recycled. Plus more book publishers are using recycled paper and FSC certified paper sources.

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