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Entry for April 16, 2009 April 16, 2009

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I’m guessing most of you know that coal-fired plants release heavy metals like mercury into the air. There is a lot more that is pumped into the air. The one I don’t think most people know about is radioactivity. That’s right, radioactivity. What should we do about that? Do we want more coal-fired power plants being built? I don’t think so. Americans need to do a few things. 1)Reduce your demand. Unplug stuff, install fluorescent/LED bulbs, choose LCD over plasma T.V.s, turn off lights, etc… 2) Support solar, wind and other alternative energy and the research to go with it. 3) Reduce demand for coal by buying things made from recycled content. A huge amount of energy is used in producing our consumer goods especially goods made from virgin resources.

If we all do a little it makes a big difference. If we do a lot, who knows what we can accomplish.

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