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Entry for April 06, 2009 April 6, 2009

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So, yesterday we tackled greening the Easter dress. Today I’d like to talk about greening the Easter basket. Instead of doing a cheap plastic basket lined with plastic grass and then stuffed with tons of cheap chocolate and candy how about a few more sustainable options.

First the basket. You can get creative and recycle an old ice cream bucket or coffee can. What a fun project to do leading up to Easter. Also look for handmade baskets made locally or by fair trade workers. Next is grass. I have seen grass made out of paper which would be a good start or even better would be to make your own from junk mail. Take your junk mail, wrapping paper or old gift bags and run them through the shredder. Last are the sweet goodies for that basket. This is a great way to go local. I know in Eau Claire we have a number of locally owned chocolate and candy shops and some of them make their own chocolates by hand from fresh organic ingredients. People can also find organic and single origin chocolate in natural food stores and specialty shops. Fresh fruit and/or nuts might be a nice and healthy addition to a basket. Also look to local bakeries for special decorated cookies. These are wonderful ways to support local businesses and artisans as well as greening your holiday.

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