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Entry for March 10, 2009 March 10, 2009

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With spring showers on their way, for some of us they’ve already made an appearance, it’s time to think about digging out our umbrellas. Those workhorses that gets tossed in the back seat and the bottom of our closets. If your current umbrella is damaged or MIA consider getting an eco friendly umbrella. There are a number to choose from. The first is the Totes’ Eco brella made from 70% recycled aluminum and steel frame, a bamboo handle, recycled nylon, recycled ABS plastic, and a recycled PET canopy. That all comes in an eco friendly packaging. You can see them at Radley also has eco friendly umbrellas made from recycled plastic bottles. You can find one of Radley’s umbrellas at The next company is Monsoon Vermont. Monsoon takes unrecyclable plastic/metal wrappers (think juice pouches) and upcycles them into all sorts of stuff including umbrellas. Check them out at What a fun, green way to get in the mood for spring.

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