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Entry for March 08, 2009 March 8, 2009

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Are you in need of a new office chair? Have you ever thought about what goes into an office chair or what happens to it once it’s broken or just old? Most old office chairs wind up in a landfull. Some lucky chairs get fixed and sent to a 2nd hand office furniture store. But once a chair is beyond repair it gets dumped. There are a lot of materials in a traditional office chair that do not break down easily or can contaminate the soil and groundwater. Manufacturers are starting to keep the chairs life cycle in mind as they are designing it. Steelcase, Herman Miller, Comfort Seating, National Office Furniture and McDonough Braungart Design are creating office chairs out of recycled material and/or designing a chair that can be completely recycled at the end of it’s days. Companies are also trying to create chairs that will have minimal off-gassing. The best things to look for are the Cradle to Cradle certification and GREENGUARD certified. Some of these chairs are more expensive, but they are an investment. You’ll feel better sitting in them and eventually recycling them.

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