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Entry for March 03, 2009 March 3, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tiffany C @ 2:32 PM

I know I’ve written about this video before, but I just re-watched it today and thought I’d re-write about it. The video is called The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard. It’s quite an amazing 20 minute little video and an eye opener as well. For those that missed it last time or those new to my blog, I encourage you to take that short amount of time to see The Story of Stuff. It really helps explain the problem with all our “stuff” and how we got to have all our “stuff”. It’s amusing and maddening at the same time. I know it changed how I thought about shopping and how I shopped (well, at least a little). As I fessed up before, I’m not an innocent in our consumptive society, but I am trying to be better.

If you learned something or enjoyed this blog, please pass it along.


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