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Entry for February 27, 2009 February 27, 2009

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So your family loves their soda or those sparkling waters, but you’re feeling guilty about the environmental impact of the cans and bottles. You may also be concerned about leaching of chemicals from plastic bottles and the BPA lining in your soda cans. Here is a solution that could help reduce your carbon footprint, save you money and keep chemicals and ingredients out of your soda and sparkling water, a home soda making machine.
They offer soda makers with non-BPA plastic bottles that can be reused for 3 years or glass carafes. They also don’t use high fructose corn syrup (except in one product) or aspartame. The soda maker does not use any electricity to run. They have their own flavor options or you can add your own juice at home. It’s an interesting concept and it might be a perfect family gift for the family that loves soda or seltzer water.

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