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Entry for February 25, 2009 February 25, 2009

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A couple more things about precycling (a.k.a. reducing). I have a strong belief that no one needs virgin paper to wipe their backside. If you’re not happy with the current selection of recycled paper toilet paper then start writing those companies. We could also get on the backs of the big toilet paper manufacturers to encourage them to use recycled material. We need to close that loop. Pressuring manufacturers to reduce packaging would be another solution. Packaging reduction would save in so many ways; cost for manufacturing, space in trucks, fuel for transportation, cost to consumer, cost of disposal, and cost of recycling. This has been done in Europe and it was pushed by the consumers. Think about packaging this way, does that tube of toothpaste really need to be in a box? Does that bottle of pills need to be in a box? Look at the products in your home and you’ll see what I mean. If you have a choice in items and one has more packaging try to get the one with less packaging. With the current economic situation companies are very willing to listen to their customers, especially if it will ultimately save them money.

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