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Entry for December 29, 2008 December 29, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tiffany C @ 8:24 AM

Ditch the “Antibacterial” everything, especially hand soaps and body washes. There is no evidence that they kill the germs that make us sick any better than plain soap and water. Now, there is evidence that liquid soaps are better than bars because the germs can build up on bars. The problem with the antibacterials is that they may lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. While you’re ditching the antibacterials why not go for hand soaps and body washes that are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. Some that I like are Dr. Bronner’s, EO, Nature’s Gate, Kiss My Face and Mrs. Meyer’s. Method is OK, but I think there are better hand soaps, but it’s better than the old chemical laden kind of hand soap.

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