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Entry for December 21, 2008 December 21, 2008

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Start saying your good-byes to the incandescent bulb. GE is phasing it out and concentrating on CFLs and more importantly LEDs and OLEDs which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Not only are companies moving to these much more efficient light sources, but countries are actually starting to ban incandescent bulbs. Australia passed legislation to ban incandescents. I know some of you are panicked by this, but trust me, huge improvements are being made in both CFLs and LEDs. CFLs are brighter, warmer in color and some are dimmable. LEDs are not as far along, but also making huge leaps in quality of light. Considering how much energy traditional lighting sucks up this is great news. Those concerned about the mercury there is good news there as well. Companies like Best Buy are now taking CFLs back to dispose of properly. Call around your area or check with your garbage company to see if they take them.

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