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Entry for December 19, 2008 December 19, 2008

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Did you watch the NBC Nightly News last night? If you did then hopefully you saw the story about TerraCycle. I’ve written about TerraCycle a number of times. It’s a great company that upcycles. Upcycling is really even better than recycling. In many instances it takes even less energy than traditional recycling. Also, TerraCycle upcycles things that usually can’t be recycled such as; juice pouches, corks, yogurt cups and chip bags. Organizations can collect items and send them to TerraCycle as a fund raiser. If you’re looking for a fund raiser for your school please contact TerraCycle at It’s a fantastic way to raise money and help the environment. You can find their products at Target, Walgreens, Office Max and Walmart. They make products from fertilizer to office supplies and many things in between. And remember, save those corks for me. I’m their local cork brigade. You can contact me through my blog.

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