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Entry for December 17, 2008 December 17, 2008

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Many of us love fish, seafood and sushi. Did you know some of your favorites could soon be gone because of overfishing? In order to allow fish stocks to replenish we should avoid the following list. I know it’s long and a bummer, but we’ll thank ourselves later and so will our kids.

1) Albacore tuna
2) Atlantic cod or scrod
3 )Atlantic halibut
4) Atlantic salmon
5) Atlantic sea scallops
6) Big eye tuna
7) Blue fin tuna
8) Chilean sea bass
9) Greenland halibut
10) Grouper
11) Hoki
12) Monkfish
13) Ocean quahog
14)Orange roughy
15) Pollock
16) Red fish
17) Red snapper
18) Sharks
19) Skates and rays
20) Swordfish
21) Tropical shrimp
22) Yellow fin tuna

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