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Entry for December 14, 2008 December 14, 2008

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I am excited to share the article about recycling in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram today. It is the cover story in the Lifestyles section. You can also see the article online by going to their website I hope you all read it and share it with family and friends. Eric Lindquist did a great job explaining what is and is not recyclable. He spoke with experts such as Jon Tulman, as well as passionate lay people like myself for the article. Eric was not able to speak with reps from Waste Management or Veolia, which was unfortunate. I actually spoke with someone from Waste Management about new recycling bins. WM is working to offer rolling bins similar to what we have for garbage. In order to have the rolling recycling bins they need a different truck. The trucks and the bins are both expensive but they are hoping to have them available in the near future. The rolling recycling bins have been very successful in cities such as Rochester, MN.

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