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Entry for November 18, 2008 November 18, 2008

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The passive house. No, it’s not a house that won’t fight. The passive house is built in such a way that it needs almost not heating or cooling. The p.h. is built with much more insulation than the typical home. There are other factors that keep it so efficient. Here is a list: triple pane, low e windows; roof overhangs to keep hot sun out in the summer; heavy material in the floors to absorb heat; passive ventilation that allows warm or cool air to circulate freely; and a heat recovery system.

Without building our own passive house, what can we do to make our home more efficient? Well, here are a few ideas, some are big and some are little.
1) Replace inefficient windows (remember to recycle or repurpose old one and not send to a dump)
2)Put awnings above south and west facing windows
3)Ceiling fans to help with circulation
4)Putting in tile or stone floors
5)Putting a heavy stone, concrete or iron piece of furniture in front of a south or west facing window in the winter
6)Create a bench out of dark barrels filled with water and topped with a heavy slab in front of a south or west facing window

The reason for the last 3 ideas is these these features absorb the heat of the day and release it back into your home at night.

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