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Entry for November 09, 2008 November 9, 2008

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There is a study out by Yale called the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) which ranks 149 countries on 25 indicators in 6 policy categories. For 2008 the top ten most environmental countries are as follows: 1)Switzerland 2)Norway 3)Sweden 4)Finland 5)Costa Rica 6)Austria 7)New Zealand 8)Latvia 9)Columbia 10) France. As you may have noticed the U.S. is not in that top 10. So how far down the line are we? Do you really want to know? O.K., we’re 39th. Talk about “cringe worthy”. Russia is doing better than us right now. Maybe we need to tap into that thing that really gets Americans going. Good ol’ fashioned, raw competitiveness. Instead of talking about saving the planet for the sake of saving the planet maybe we need to say we’re getting our butts kicked by 38 other countries including Russia. Although that argument hasn’t really helped our education system. I don’t know. Any ideas? Anyway, here’s the link. Take a peek.

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