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Entry for October 14, 2008 October 14, 2008

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If you own a gas guzzler and are feeling guilty about the lack of fuel economy and emissions there are a couple thing you can do to help and to feel better.

1. Get a tune-up
2. Check your tires
3. Combine trips
4. Try to walk, bike or use public transportation if possible
5. Stop idling
6. Buy carbon offset credits

If you’re unfamiliar with buying carbon credits, let me explain. When you buy carbon credits you are putting money towards renewable energy and reforestation projects. Thereby, in theory, negating some of the carbon your life produces. We have done this for our airline travel, home energy use, etc… If you’re trying to do the right things, but are unable to give up travel or your SUV it’s a way to feel less guilty and do some good.

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