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Entry for September 16, 2008 September 16, 2008

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Avoid number 7. Well, at least plastic bottles with the number 7 on the bottle. There is another study out with supporting evidence that BPA which is in # 7 plastics can cause health problems. Number 7 plastic is also what lines most tin cans. Some scientist are calling for a ban on BPA, but I’m not waiting for the ban before taking action. Two of the health issues associated with BPA are diabetes and heart disease. Last April Canada banned BPA. Stores are beginning to refuse to sell plastic bottles with BPA. BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups is the most concerning and many scientist agree getting it out of kids stuff would be a good idea.

So, there you go. Another reason to get a stainless steel water bottle to keep with you and kick the disposable water bottle habit. You’ll be helping yourself and the environment.

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  1. Tom S Says:

    That is really interesting.

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