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Entry for September 07, 2008 September 7, 2008

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This is why I’m trying to buy organic or antique furniture when I can. Another study is out showing startling evidence of the dangers of chemical fire retardants. When tests were done on 20 sets of mothers and their toddler children the children’s blood samples had three times the levels of 11 different fire retardants as their mothers. The study found that because kids put their hands in their mouth they ingested more of the chemicals.

The worst of these chemicals is Deca which is in the PBDE family which has been banned in Europe and a number of U.S. states. It is up to us to vote with our wallets and to voice our opinions. It’s time to stop the chemical companies from deciding what is safe for us. Think “Erin Brockovich”. It IS up to us to educate ourselves and then SPEAK UP!

There are alternative ways to make furniture and electronics fire retardant. You can read the study at

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