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Entry for August 24, 2008 August 24, 2008

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Here’s the second half of the eco-flooring blog. Carpeting has been one of the worst off-gassers in our homes for years. Not only does traditional petrol based carpeting off-gas nasty chemicals, but it absorbs off-gassing from other sources and in humid weather rereleases those VOC’s.

But now there are some great choices in carpet. There has always been wool carpeting, but much of that is sprayed with fire retardants and pesticides. You can find organic wool carpet in both wall-to-wall and area rugs. There is carpet made out of recycled PET. PET comes from recycled soda bottles. Even though it’s petroleum based it has done most of it’s off-gassing during it’s first life as a bottle. Plus is helps to keep plastic bottles out of landfulls, ah, landfills. Other options in carpets and rugs are sisal, jute, coir, seagrass and hemp. These are all natural and sustainable options. Another culprit in off-gassing is the padding which can be found in recycled and wool versions. If you’re gluing down the carpet there are non-toxic glues to use.

Have fun searching through all the beautiful color and material options.

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One Response to “Entry for August 24, 2008”

  1. Tom S Says:

    I learn something every time I read your post and I am likely more informed (because of you) than most people.

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