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Entry for August 14, 2008 August 14, 2008

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Disappointing news to share. I’ve always been such a proponent of using recycled materials. I just read about one we might want to avoid. My husband and I have been seriously thinking about using ground up recycled tires for our kids play area. It seems like such a perfect solution to the used tire dilemma and a good cushion as well. A study is out that reports ground up tires release 49 chemicals into the air and that 7 are known carcinogens. There is still some debate, but it appears that this is not a good choice for outdoor play areas. The next question is what about all the other applications that recycled tires have been used for. I’ve seen recycled tires being sold for indoor flooring applications, accessories like bags and purses, soles for shoes and outdoor pavers. There should be more research done, but I guess for now I’m going to avoid recycled tire products until we know more about the effect on our health.

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One Response to “Entry for August 14, 2008”

  1. Tom S Says:

    I am surprised by this.

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