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Entry for August 13, 2008 August 13, 2008

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Think about water. There are wonderful ways to conserve water around your home. We have installed foot pedals at our kitchen faucets. We have plans to do so in our bathrooms as well. They are great for helping conserve water. Also, installing low-flow faucets and toilets can make a huge difference. Now there are toilets that have two options for flushing; super low for #1 and regular for #2. Insulating your hot water heater and pipes helps with water AND energy use. Another way to help with water and energy use is to install on-demand water heaters. With the on-demand there’s no waiting for the water to heat up. One more idea is to get rid of as much grass in your yard and use plants that don’t require as much water.

So, good luck reducing your water and electric bills with these ideas.

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