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Entry for August 10, 2008 August 10, 2008

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Explore your green countertop options. There is so much more out there than Formica and granite. Also, don’t be afraid to mix countertops in the same kitchen. In my kitchen I have a chopping block, stainless, copper and recycled paper countertops. I love them all and each serves a different function. Other counters to look into are recycled glass and metal, bamboo, concrete with a high fly ash content, natural stone and quartz. As you’re looking at your options consider the carbon footprint for shipping, sustainability, recyclability and whether there is harm done in the mining or production of the product. More companies are producing beautiful and functional green countertops. For instance in my copper counter, it’s not a green process to mine and make it, but because of coppers anti-bacterial properties I don’t need to use strong chemicals to sanitize it. The copper will sanitize itself in a matter of minutes (around 30) and copper can be recycled over and over again. Plus, it is gorgeous!

Want more ideas? Just do a search for green or eco countertops and you’ll find many things.

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