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Entry for August 09, 2008 August 9, 2008

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Make your own garden gold. There are some great new options for keeping food scraps out of your garbage. If you have the space of course there is the good ol’ fashioned compost pile. There are new products for it like; tumblers, balls and new bins that stack etc…Two other cool ideas are worms (vermicompost) and an electric composter (NatureMill) that can sit right in your kitchen. The electric one only takes a few cents worth of electricity a month and within two weeks you have rich compost for your yard, garden or even plants. The worms could be in your basement, a closet or laundry room. Any of the compost options should not smell. You can compost most things, but meat and dairy are best left out of your home composting efforts.

Between composting and recycling you should greatly reduce how much you send to the dump which is better for everyone.

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