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Entry for August 06, 2008 August 6, 2008

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Now about packaging. Are you tired of needing a Houdini course and a chain saw to get into your purchases? I know I am. It’s about the ridiculous amount of packaging that is used by our manufacturers. It’s especially annoying when it’s a small item in a huge clam shell. I know it’s to keep theft and damage down, but at what cost? Think about how much we would save on energy and resources by cutting back on packaging. They did just that, quite successfully, in Europe. Think about the cost getting passed along to the consumer to cover the cost of all that packaging. For the rest of the day really look at how many layers there are around the items you buy. Does that bottle of pain reliever really need an extra little box around it? And for the parents out there, wouldn’t Christmas and birthdays be much easier without all the plastic twist ties, straps and tape surrounding your kids toys? By-the-way, I’m not anti-packaging, I’m just anti-overpackaging.

Here’s to products not being “adult proof”.

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