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Entry for August 04, 2008 August 4, 2008

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Recycle for back-to-school. Well, all of us parents and students are gearing up for the back-to-school frenzy. Something to consider is trying to find recycled content products. I’m always on the hunt for recycled paper and plastic products. I’ve found notebooks fairly easily and a few 3 ring binders but not the twin pocket portfolios (drives me nuts). I’ve noticed I can find recycled scissors for adults, but not the small safety scissors for kids. Try to find pencils that are eco either by having recycled content or FSC certified wood used. It is hard to find everything you need with green content especially since some of the lists the schools put out are VERY specific.

A couple other areas to consider looking for greener products are backpacks and lunch bags. I believe in a past blog I mentioned They have fantastic lunch bags that are lead free and water bottles that are easier on you and the environment. One of of my favorite items from them is a wrapmat. It’s a reusable folding mat that holds a sandwich or cookies or chips and folds out like a placemat to eat on. Keep in mind that even though kids want all those novelty cheap bags full of plastic and who know what else you’re better off investing in a good canvas bag that will last a long time. I like L.L. Bean’s, they also have built in lights for visibility and come in some fun colors and prints.

Happy back-to-school shopping.

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