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Entry for August 02, 2008 August 2, 2008

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Formaldehyde is not your friend. Unfortunately the building product industry thinks it is. Formaldehyde contributes to poor and toxic indoor air quality. It is used in many of the products in your home and work place. Remember all those FEMA trailers that were recalled? Formaldehyde was the culprit.

Plywood has formaldehyde and the curious thing is that exterior grade plywood has a less toxic version than interior grade plywood. When we remodeled our kitchen our contractor helped us track down a formaldehyde free plywood. The plywood we had our cabinetmaker use is called PureBond.

So when you build or remodel ask about the formaldehyde content in the products you are buying. There are more and more new products being offered that are formaldehyde free.

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