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Entry for August 01, 2008 August 1, 2008

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Someone suggested I post recipes. I don’t think I’ll do that today, but I will talk about my inspiration for a lot of recipes. We belong to a CSA, community supported agriculture. What that means is that for a set fee for the growing season we get a box of beautiful, fresh picked and chemical free vegetables every week. With our CSA there are different membership options. A person can chose to work on the farm to offset their membership fee.

The inspiration for recipes comes when we get things we’ve never heard of or eaten before. I pull out my Joy of Cooking or hop online and dig up recipes for things like kohlrabi, turnips, garlic scapes etc…

The real beauty of CSA’s is that you get locally grown, fresh and usually organic produce. This keeps the nutrients in and the carbon footprint out (or at least down). With our CSA we know there aren’t any nasty pesticides or herbicides being poured on the veggies and berries we give to our kids. The food isn’t trucked cross country or across the globe. Plus for those who don’t have a place for a garden and crave getting their hands in the soil they have a place to feed that need.

So, check around and see if you have a CSA near you. Good luck and eat those veggies!


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